n Our Customers' Words:


  "Did hear from my friends in Mass. about the basket.   They were so very touched and heartened by that
      beautifully created gift of thoughtfulness that L. was moved to tears.  So, thank you, once again, for your artistry."

"The basket was very well received.  The photos were lovely and my co-sender actually saw it in person and said it was great."

"No, I didn't get the picture last night.  I didn't even go online until a few minutes ago and I caught up on all your e-mails.  The basket is absolutely beautiful...and bountiful.  Everything you put into it is exactly what I would've put in.  I can't wait until they see it."

"I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely basket you sent to my sister R. in Florida.  She loved it!"

[re the digital pic sent] "It is simply beautiful and perfect just the way it is.  It is a great big relief to leave all this up to you...I never give it a second thought after you "accept the mission."

"b. was so blown away by the basket, she almost cried.  she is a tough cookie and very sensitive underneath.  this basket said to her that we cared about her in a way that most people don't.     j. (who is one of the shyest and most private people i know) actually picked up a phone to call me about his basket.  he said he could see every thought and consideration that went into it...that it wasn't just a basket from a company that turns them out.  he felt the love and thoughtfulness and he was deeply moved.  so you have continued to bat one thousand, and i am always confident about the results when i give you an order."

    "just checking in...to let you know the baskets were a big hit...there is such a range of personalities at
         that business, everyone finds a favorite treat."

"Just had to tell you that the basket was the highlight of I.'s week.  She asked me to place it on her bed tray so she could inspect each and every item in it.   While we were visiting, her dinner arrived and it was pitiful.  So she reached into the basket and snacked from your bounty of goodies.  Sent that dried-out fried chicken cutlet right back to the hospital kitchen."

"My mother loved the basket...My brothers were very happy with it, as well, and munched away on Christmas.  She was also very impressed with the bow and the display, as well as the sheer size of the basket!...Thanks so much, and again, 'til Mother's Day!"

                These are just a few of the comments we've received from our customers...People who order from us once, order again.  We hope you'll join them!