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Local & regional producers whose products we proudly carry:

Pika's Quiche ~ quiches, large & small, and soups
Catskill Mountain Coffee
Berry Brook Farm
~ organic produce
Clem Murphy  ~ raw honey
Down To Earth Delectables ~ homemade giant cookies (vegan, too)
Quantum Herbals ~ herb tinctures of unsurpassed quality & potency
Alicia Benoist, potter ~ majolica, made a few miles away
Rivendell Pottery
Heirloom Botanicals ~ nourishing, wholesome skin care

~and much more on the way~

"In town, Ed and I are beginning to feel more at home.  We try to buy everything right in the local shops: hardware, electrical transformers, contact lens cleaner, mosquito candles, film.  We do not patronize the cheaper supermarket in Camucia; we go from the bread store to the fruit and vegetable shop, to the butcher, loading everything into our blue canvas shopping bags.  Maria Rita starts to go in back of her shop and bring out the just-picked lettuces, the choice fruit. 

Buy local -
the resources you grow
will be your own

            "Oh, pay me tomorrow," she says if we only have large bills.  In the post office, our letters are affixed with several stamps by the postmistress then individually hand-canceled with vengeance, whack, whack, "Buon giorno, signori."  At the crowded little grocery store, I count thirty-seven kinds of dried pasta and, on the counter, fresh gnocchi, pici, thick pasta in long strands, fettuccine and two kinds of ravioli.  By now they know what kind of bread we want, that we want the bufala, buffalo milk mozzarella, not the normale, regular cow's milk kind."
~ From Under the Tuscan Sun 1996 by Frances Mayes 
Published by Chronicle Books



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 Willow and Brown, Livingston Manor    Pepacton Cabins - rustic cabins to rent

 ArmEffects, Livingston Manor

Morgan Outdoors, Livingston Manor




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